Irish & Attending Dubai Meeting Tours? Make Time for Pure Revelry

Clipart courtesy Karen's Whimsy

The Irish community ranks among the larger nationalities in Dubai and with St. Paddy’s Day nearing, you can bet your shamrocks that the festival will be celebrated in full swing in the emirate.

The nationally celebrated (in Ireland) feast of St. Patrick is unfortunately not a public holiday in Dubai. This does not mean you cannot break into a jig or indulge in some Guinness slugging though, as many pubs and Irish groups have arranged fun-filled activities on their agenda to make your Dubai conventions more fun.

You have still some days to go until its St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) and if your Dubai meeting tours last until then, you are in luck.

Dubai’s most famous Irish pub The Irish Village for instance, kick starts its ONE BIG PARTY St. Paddy’s day celebration from March 13, 2009 with a much-anticipated performance by Ireland’s very own Bob Geldof. Attractions like traditional Irish food and music, dancers and a live performance by the Irish band Inis Oirr have also been organized by the pub and last over a 5-day period.

You can get in touch with One World to arrange for quick reservations at any of the budget hotels in Dubai if you are planning to make a business trip on such short notice.

We offer some of the best tours in Dubai for executives and businessmen and whatever the tour agenda, we can manage Dubai meeting tours that combine work with pleasure. Dubai is a wonderful place to indulge in both and should you feel the need for a smooth trip, get in touch with our Dubai tour company.

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