Post Dubai Conventions Activities – A Tour Trip to Sharjah

The cultural capital of the Arab world has not been bequeathed this title (from UNESCO) without good reason. Make that several good reasons.

Sharjah is the third-largest emirate in the UAE and has won many a tourist heart with its lovely city planning drives and heritage preservation. It is the only emirate to have a coastline in both the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

The Cultural Roundabout at Sharjah

The Cultural Roundabout at Sharjah

Part of our Dubai tour company’s Glimpses of Emirates packages, the half-day Sharjah and Ajman tour takes tourists all over these two emirates. Please note that these Dubai daily tours are not a rushed affair as the itinerary is chalked out in a manner as to allow visitors ample time to take in each major city attraction.

One of Sharjah’s most famous attractions is the impressive Cultural Roundabout, which is invariably from where most sightseeing tours  in Dubai also commence. Sculpted in the likeness of the Holy Quran, the landmark structure is massive, without deflecting from its aestheticism.

Most of the best tours in Dubai also take people around to the Bait Al Naboodah, which offers tourists a glimpse of the Al Naboodah family’s life, reconstructed of course.

The Al Hisn Fort (now a museum) is another cultural hotspot very popular with Dubai sightseeing tours. It is also the traditional residence of the ruling family of Sharjah.

Part of Sharjah’s charm is its abundance of tourist options and heritage structures. Unlike the compelling modernity of Dubai, Sharjah presents a captivating picture of old Arab life and culture. Get in touch with One World to check the Dubai discount tours with the best deal.


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