Best Tours in Dubai Thanks to Sheikh Mohammed & One World

It has been a few months now and the Dubai-bashing is showing no signs of slackening pace. In light of this, Sheikh Mohammed’s recent address to the media in Dubai is nothing short of reassuring.

For the very first time, the ruler of the UAE’s most progressive emirate has devoted his time, attention and thoughts to the rage being directed towards Dubai through an online conference. For visitors coming on sightseeing tours in Dubai, there can be no better incentive than this attitude to visit the emirate.


Sheikh Mohammed & Princess Haya of Dubai

The ruler clarified, “We are not growing in order to be a model for its highest building in the world, best airport, and most luxurious hotel, and the largest seaport and man-made islands. These landmarks and features are unique and famous all over the world. But the Dubai model is beyond that.”

The rest of the Sheikh’s interview continues in much the same vein and reading about it, Dubai residents expressed their satisfaction with the way His Highness reinvoked the national pride.

The reasons stated by the Sheikh forms just some of the reasons why tourists love going on Dubai daily tours and visit the emirate for Dubai meeting tours.

Students love studying in Dubai and expatriates are as much a part of the fabric of the emirate as are the Emiratis.

If luxury hotels in Dubai or deluxe packages are beyond your budget, you could always try out the discount tours in Dubai. The options are many and varied and there is something for everyone who wants to visit the golden emirate that is so focused on being good to tourists and visitors.

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