Check out Modhesh’s World on your Dubai Daily Tours this Summer

Aside from the Burj al Arab and the Palm Islands of Dubai, there is one more iconic object firmly fixed within the minds of Dubai locals and visitors alike- Modhesh. The accordion-bodied worm-like character has inveigled its way into the minds and ethos of the people and guests visiting the golden emirate.

If you are on Dubai sightseeing tours during the shopping season, you might notice Modhesh’s presence more prominently. Indeed, in a way the cheerful character is synonymous with the shopping paradise that Dubai has become. Bright yellow, smiley-faced and blue and yellow haired, Modhesh merchandise and souvenirs are very popular among children and collectors during the Dubai Summer Surprises event.

modhesh_funcity_Dubai_summer_surprisesVery few Dubai discount tours visitors actually know that Modhesh was created as a mascot for the Dubai Summer Surprises festival. While the Dubai Shopping Festival is held during the winter months in the emirate, the Dubai Summer Surprises event is its summer counterpart.

If you are visiting the UAE on a Dubai desert safari trip this summer, then make sure you check out Dubai Summer Surprises this year. Normally held during the hot summer months of June-August, the DSS involves many activities for children.

While the DSS generally functions as the second major shopping event of the region, visitors have time aplenty to arrange for discount tours in Dubai for this time of the year. Make a booking with any safari tour in Dubai or with Dubai discount tours to attend events like the Ice Surprises, Adventure Surprises, Cartoon Surprises and Heritage Surprises events besides others.


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