Bring gold, spices and more back home from Dubai souks

Dubai souks are the heart of urban Arabia. Shopping on your Dubai tour is imperfect without a browse through Dubai’s famous souks. The fantastic

Gold Souk

souk trips at Deira are part of your 4 day Dubai tour package at our tour company-One World Travels. Make it a part of your tour even if you wouldn’t

want to purchase anything.

In the gold souk, prices are generally determined by weight rather than by design and craftsmanship. Pink, white, yellow or green hues are often espied in one gold piece.

Spice Souk

Once in the spice souk, the scents surrounding you will be very enticing to

make a purchase. Many spices and seasonings are available here. Like the

spice souk, the perfume souk is alluring too. From traditional Arabic attars to the latest designer perfumes, you can find them all under one roof. Arabic perfumes are very strong and spicy unlike light floral western perfumes.

The Dubai fish souk is an attraction early in the morning and late at night. A variety of species of fresh fish is sold here, at good bargains.

Because these souks have so much culture, we at One World Travel and Tourism never forget to give you this shopping experience. Find out more about the Experience Dubai 4 day tour package at


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