An Outline Of Sharjah

Twenty minutes away from Dubai is the emirate of Sharjah, the cultural hub of the Middle East. Historically, it was one of the affluent regions. Its position on the route to India was enough to make it a salute state.

Sharjah has 17 museums; because of which it won an award by the UNESCO in 1998 for being the most cultural place in the Arab region. One of these museums is the Bait Al Naboodah.

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This museum was initially the home of the Al Naboodah family. The Bait Al Naboodah stands as a reminder of the local architecture and old emirate traditions. Tourists can visit this place on a guided tour.

On your tour to Sharjah you will also be able to visit the incredibly restored fort of Al Hisn. Before restoration, all that had remained of the fort were 2 perimeter walls and a tower. This fort was re-built with the help of old documents, photographs and knowledge from the elders living around the place. This fort was formerly home to many rulers.

The King Fisal Mosque in Sharjah is composed of many stories. Each floor is allotted for a specific purpose. The basement is allotted for women to pray and also has a good library. Tourists can also visit some of the oldest and very popular souks around the area as part of the itinerary.

A tour around Sharjah cannot be complete without a trip to the unique Pearl Monument, a symbol of the emirate. Make these hotspots in Sharjah a part of your trip by choosing a renowned tour company in UAE like One World Travels.  Besides trips like these, One World Travels is also famous for its romantic Dhow cruise on Dubai creek. For information, feel free to go through our website:


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