Soak In The Arabian Souk Culture While Shopping At Sharjah



Sharjah being the cultural capital of Arabia has all its culture well preserved, including the souks. Some old souks are taken care of by the government as they retain their traditional charm. The authorities carefully preserve and also revamp these souks from time to time. Some of the souks tourists love to visit while touring the emirate of Sharjah are the Blue Souk/Central Souk, the Al Majarrah Souk and the Sharjah Gold Souk.

The Blue Souk located in the Khaleed Lagoon region is so called, because of the vaulted blue roofs the souks are sheltered under. This souk embraces over 600 shops. Items like gold, silver or diamond jewellery and designer wear made of gold are available on the ground floor, while electronic appliances, cosmetics, perfumes and other items are available on the floor above.

The Al Majarrah Souk famous for its architecture and design is the most awe inspiring structure in Sharjah. At this souk (opened in1987) you will surely notice the finely chiseled wrought iron lamps. Visitors never leave this souk without a glimpse of the golden dome.

The Sharjah Gold Souk boasts a complete Arabic feel. The gold just dazzles in the array of jewellery shops and the prices never disappoint anyone. You will also find branded jewellery shops here.

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