Brighten your evening at the Colourful Carpet Souk

Abu Dhabi is known for its modern malls and traditional souks. When tour operators lead tourists to this place early in the evening, it is very rare for people to get done with their shopping before 10 o’clock in the night. This is because Abu Dhabi offers a beautiful blend of history and sophistication through its malls and souks.

Clothes, souvenirs, jewellery, spices and much more are available at the souks here in Abu Dhabi. But the open air carpet souk (also referred to as the Iranian souk/Meena souk/the Afghan souk) on Al Meena road is worth visiting. This souk provides a wide range of handicraft items and is a ‘must-see’ on your Dubai tour even if you’ve decided to not buy anything.

At the souk, you will be surrounded by vibrant colours of Persian carpets, traditionally designed bed spreads, cushions and even colourful pottery. The Al Meena souk is a good place to purchase oriental styled carpets. But you need to ensure that you are buying a handmade carpet and not a machine made one. To understand which one is genuine and which one is not, you need to visit many shops and check the designs and quality before making a final purchase.

Earlier, people gathered at the souk and talked over a cup of sweetened tea called gahwa/Arabic coffee. That is why even today you will find small coffee stalls at the carpet souk at Al Meena. Most stalls allow you to try some of this unique Arabic coffee for free.

So go ahead and gain a unique experience of shopping at the carpet souk through One World Travels full day Abu Dhabi tour.


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