No More Toasted Toes On The Way To The Sea

If the only thing you hate about beaches is the hot sand, then there’s good news for you. No… nobody’s providing stretches of carpet to walk on, but one of the latest luxury hotels (Palazzo Versace) came up with the idea of a refrigerated/climate controlled beach, set to open by 2010.

I’ve heard of artificial beaches at the Palm islands but not of a refrigerated one. Who ever thought that pampering top people would reach such an extent?

The technology that will be used: This refrigerated beach will be having a network of pipes beneath the sand which will absorb the heat from the surface keeping the sand cool enough to lie on. Even the temperature of the swimming pool will be under control. Artificial wind will be created by the installation of huge fans to complete the overall beach experience.

Sadly though Dubai is doing great with all its other constructive pieces of art like the indoor snow skiing, the man-made islands, the Rotating Tower, etc. but the decision of creating a climate controlled beach is assumed to generate carbon, causing climate change in the atmosphere. Some are excited about this very comfortable beach, but some are clearly not.

Dubai has been home to the best luxury hotels and the Plazzo Versace is going to be one of them. Plans on the air-conditioned beach are still not finalized. Till then, One World Travel and Tourism is ready to assist you with your luxury hotel booking anywhere in Dubai. Get in touch with One World Travels to know more about the different hotel accommodations we provide.

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