Take A Bird’s Eye View Of The City Of Dubai

Viewing the sunrise in the desert from 3000 feet above the ground has got to be an unforgettable experience. That’s why an uncountable number of tourists want to try hot air ballooning in Dubai. Truly, this activity is an unmatched experience you will never regret while on a tour in Dubai.

Image credit: blogspot.com

Feel the cool atmosphere high above the union of the sea and sand beneath. Capture sights like the unending stretches of the desert region, the sunrise, the red dunes, the sky scrapers, the mountains and the blue waters. Watch the skyline of Dubai in the west and the cratered rugged landscape of the Hajj Mountains in the east.

Hot air balloons are always tested before use. They also have a huge capacity of carrying 40 persons at a time. The best time to try out this activity is at dawn even though afternoon trips are also available. Above all, Dubai’s climate is perfect and great for experiencing a gently floating hot air balloon adventure. The take off and landing is as exciting as staying afloat in the bright sky.

Ballooning in Dubai has turned into another form of sightseeing” many say, as while you get to watch the whole city from a bird’s eye view you can enjoy the experience excluding the hustle and bustle of city life. This makes ballooning in Dubai a magical experience that every tourist wants to be a part of.

Become part of this exclusive family activity with One World Travels and when it is over you’ll still have the rest of the day to enjoy. Book this Dubai tour activity with One World for a memorable experience.

Image credit: http://www.blogspot.com


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