Falconry shows: Entertainment in tradition.

courtesy :www.wxicof.com

The few things a traveler would want to see in Dubai are famous locations, enjoy cruises, immerse into the various safaris and many more. A falconry show is one must see addition to this huge list of activities.

The falconry shows stand as a time link between the ancient and modern day Dubai. The Arabian Gulf area in early years was known for its falconers and falconry traditions. Through Arab influence it spread to the Islamic World, giving rise to distinctive styles of falconry in many regions.  The one at the Bedouin village in Dubai is well-known.

Before the show begins the difference between the eastern and the western styles are thoroughly explained by the falconer .The main purpose of falconry is for the trained bird to hunt and capture an animal. The raptor is a natural predator that hunts any number of animals for its own survival.  In falconry a bird is trained to hunt and capture only certain animals, or quarry {the hunted animal} as they call it. Some part of it is given to the bird for its success and the rest is cooked.

While enjoying desert safaris and shopping tours one can also enjoy these shows and also participate in them. Dubai Tour Company is an expert at arranging these tours. The falconry shows will remain a strong reason for people to come back again and enjoy Dubai for its diverse nature.

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