The City of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, a well-planned city located in the Persian Gulf is the 2nd largest city in UAE. It is also the federal capital of the country. After realizing its oil reserve, Abu Dhabi became one of the world’s largest producers of oil and one of the richest places in the world. One World Travels would like to show you all the wonders in Abu Dhabi and have thus made it a part of the sightseeing tours in Dubai.

The word Abu Dhabi means ‘Father of Deer’. Earlier, the only occupations that existed were fishing, camel herding, production of dates and pearl diving. Out of all theses traditional occupations, fishing is the only one that still lingers. The Abu Dhabi fish market and dhow wharf are places worth visiting on your Dubai sightseeing tour. Another place to visit around this city is the Al Hosn Palace also known as the White fort. It was built in 1761 to defend the only water source in that place. This monument has now been renovated. Abu Dhabi offers a good blend of the past and the present through its malls and souks as well. You might have heard of the Al Meena Souk. This carpet souk is highly popular and much visited for its oriental designs.

Get to see everything there is in Abu Dhabi by making a booking through One World Travel and Tourism. This sightseeing activity is part of the 6 day- Glimpses of Emirates tour. Visit our website to find out what else is possible with the best tours in Dubai.


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