A Game of Golf can Minus Stress

Business travel anywhere in the world, always involves some level of stress. Down time is being used increasingly to catch up on work. The mode of transport used to travel also tiers you out by the time you arrive at your destination. But in UAE there are plenty of ways to beat stress on your Dubai business tour.

There is nothing like a game of golf to beat stress. Playing this sport also makes for a very effective work out. For a golf enthusiast, a business/meeting tour in UAE is always a pleasure. This is because the emirates are full of golf courses. You will also find maps of UAE on the internet that clearly display the locations of the many golf courses around here. Apart from playing golf, you can also witness the various championship tournaments held in UAE. The Dubai Desert Classic Championship is one of UAE’s well known golf tournaments. This championship tournament is hosted annually during the months of January and February. If you are not so much a golf enthusiast, you may also try out the various other sports hyped in UAE. On your Dubai tour, you will come across a huge sports city. In here, you will be able to find any and every sport you wish to try out. This sports city is well equipped with tennis courts, pools, gyms and stadiums too.

One World Travel and Tourism offers a full range of business centric Dubai tour packages all well planned out. So whenever you come to UAE, be sure to visit and experience all the sports we have here for you.


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