Ramadan Kareem


As usual Dubai always has something interesting going during almost every month of the year. Races, summer surprises, competitions, festivals and many other activities cover up the Dubai events calendar all through the year. Fortunately, those on a Dubai tour during this month are going to get the most out of their visit. This is because, this month happens to be Ramadan.

During Ramadan, everyone, especially tourists get to see and experience that side of Dubai that you might not necessarily notice otherwise. The environment changes completely during this time of the year. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast right from sunrise to sunset. During this month eating, drinking and smoking isn’t allowed in public in UAE, as it would offend those observing a fast.


Muslims also pray 5 times everyday. The call to prayer is announced aloud from all mosques (a Muslim’s place of worship). This time of the year, gives the citizens of UAE and tourists on a Dubai tour alike, a chance to find out more about the religion. Apart from learning, tourists would also be lucky to shop in Dubai during this season. You would be able to avail of many discounts and promotions in the retail sector on your Dubai shopping tour. ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ (is this years advertising campaign) has been used by the Dubai Department of Economic Development to highlight the various promotions and offers by retailers.

Make a booking with any Dubai discount tour or sightseeing tour in Dubai to be a part of this unique, colourful and exciting celebration at the end of Ramadan.

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