The Real Taste of Arabia

The people in Dubai have evolved from eating traditional home cooked meals to dinning at famous restaurants and fast food joints in Dubai. The reason being, the fast paced life of a major part of the population in Dubai. You will find a variety of cuisines while on your sightseeing tour in Dubai. But Arabic cuisine is the mainly sold here. Make sure you try out at least the few increasingly available food items mentioned below on your Dubai tour:

Shawarma:Made with lamb, chicken or camel meat is the most available inexpensive food item in Dubai. The meat is cooked on a skewer, cut into strips and wrapped in pita bread. Vegetables soaked in vinegar and different sauces are also added in this wrap adding to its great taste.

Falafel:This vegetarian food item popular in the Middle East, is also available at the same cost as that of the shawarma. Pita bread is stuffed with lettuce, tomato and tahini. The kebabs (exactly the size of ping pong balls) in the bread are made of dried chickpeas, onions, garlic, parsley, coriander and some spices.

Arabic roti: Arabic roti is made in clay ovens and tastes splendid when eaten along with an Indian side dish. The roti is the main portion of Arabic food.

Also try out the small traditional cafés and stalls scattered everywhere in Dubai. Sea-food lovers ought to try out freshly prepared lobsters, crabs and shrimps that are usually grilled, stuffed or spiced. Get the real taste of Arabia with the help of a well known Dubai discount tour like One World Travels.


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