Unceasing Frolic for Kids

What could be the ultimate place in Dubai for kids and teenagers? You guessed it right – an all in one entertainment centre where they would be able to play and enjoy non-stop. Well such a place does exist in Dubai. It is called the Magic Planet. One World Travels will be glad to take your kids there while you spend some quality time on your Dubai shopping tour.



Magic Planet is unbelievable. It has an eleven screen CineStar cinema, a video games arcade, theme rides and an adventure playground all-in-one! This entertainment centre housed on the ground floor in the Deira City Centre shopping mall, is surprisingly enjoyed by adults too. Magic Centre comprises more than 300 fabulous shops, fast food outlets and restaurants. The famous Sofitel City Centre Hotel, the Textile Court, the Arabian Treasures and the elegant Jewelry Court are also lodged inside the premises of this entertainment centre. Parents usually leave their kids here during their Dubai shopping tour also because they know their kids will stay out of trouble in the Magic Planet. Magic Planet therefore acts as a baby sitter for some. It also captivates the interest of kids with their colourful entertainment zones and interesting gadgets designed especially for them. The bungle jungle is one of the best spots for kids below the age of 7. This jungle is actually an artificial forest for kids to safely go barbarian.

Visit the Deira City Centre and Magic Planet by making it a part of your modern Dubai tour organized by One World Travels.


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