2 Great Ways to Experience Dubai

There is the common route that tourists take to get a glimpse of all the attractions in Dubai. People usually hire cars through a trusted Dubai tour operator as it isn’t possible to explore the whole city on foot. But apart from traveling by land, One World Travels offers two more unique ways to experience the beauty and culture of Dubai.

After checking out Dubai by land, you could also view many of Dubai’s historical marvels by sailing on the Dubai creek, with the help of the traditional Arab boats– the dhow and the abra. Abra’s are also known as water taxi’s they are small and also make for an inexpensive way to travel to and fro. Apart from the abras you have the dhow cruises. The dhows are much bigger compared to the abras and are made for leisure purposes, not so much for taking you places. While watching the sky, the glazing waters, the beautifully lit historical buildings, the bustling city life and the wild life sanctuary bordering the banks of the creek, you can also have dinner on a majestic dhow cruise in Dubai.



Another way to explore the city is by taking to the air. Explore Dubai through a helicopter ride or even through a ride in a hot air balloon. One World Travels offers a Dubai helicopter tour to those tourists who would like to cherish some adventure along with the memorable sites they see on their Dubai daily tour. The hot air balloon rides are also part of the many activities we have to offer.

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