Dubai by Night

The night is very interesting to many as there are so many activities to cover in Dubai at that time. You might think that there are a very few who would love to explore Dubai past the evening, but it is not so. This is because the city of Dubai never sleeps. You can explore Dubai on you own at night but taking the help of a known Dubai desert safari tour or a Dubai sightseeing tour operator is recommended.

Most desert tours in Dubai include an all round Arabian adventure on the sands. This includes camel rides, dune buggy desert safaris, sand skiing, dune bashing, etc. The day winds up with dinner and entertainment at the evening desert camp. This kind of entertainment is more than enough for some who might want to crash on comfortable beds back at the hotel. But those who like the wild darkness better than the sunset can go ahead and enjoy an overnight camp in the desert. Many tourists directly opt for campsites rather than hotels to rest for the night. This lets you mingle and have a chat with the hospitable locals around too. If you are the city type of person, the restaurants and pubs are always out there for you. There are also the gleaming night souks that are open all through the night till the early hours of morning. ‘Shopping under the stars’ is what they call these souks.

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