A dip with a Dolphin

Image credit: responsibletravel.blogspot.com

Image credit: responsibletravel.blogspot.com

When you think of a mammal that is spinning, energetic, frisky, swift and friendly an image of a dolphin will certainly capture your mind. It is assumed that dolphin is the most intelligent mammal. Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the attractions in Dubai.

Don’t fail to witness the shows performed by dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium during your Dubai tour. Your mouth will stay wide open in astonishment when you will see these aquatic lives do summersault, juggle, dance, paint and even sing. A hand-shake, a kiss and a gentle push across the water by this magnificent mammal will create a special bond with you in just a few minutes. Coming in contact with this creature is not only dauntless but also an emotional experience. You will never forget the warmth you will enjoy for few hours with these highly interactive and talented dolphins. While you are on sightseeing tours in Dubai don’t miss the opportunity to swim with these alluring fishes. The time you spend with these aquatic animals will be captured by a professional photographer. Besides the amusement that you will have, Dubai Dolphinarium aims to create awareness among people about aquatic environment and lives. It guides visitors on the issue of threats and needs of aquatic lives and environment.

Dubai daily tours by Dubai Tour Company will take you to envision shows organized at Dubai Dolphinaium. There are several shows and swimming sessions in a day. Have a best tour in Dubai by experiencing all the adventurous activities.

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