Glancing antiquity

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Your Dubai sightseeing tour and Dubai shopping tour will certainly introduce you to the Dubai tradition. But if the intention is to know the history of some nation you must visit museums over there. This will give you a real picture of ancient lifestyle. Museums in Dubai will give you a peek of Dubai culture.

Sightseeing tours in Dubai will take you to the Dubai Museum. It is the main museum in UAE located in Al Fahidi Fort built in 1787. This fort is the oldest building in Dubai. It was renovated and built as a museum in 1971.  At the entrance of this museum you will notice the collection of maps of the Gulf and the Emirates. An enormous diamond studded gate will welcome you. A palm-leaf house with a wind tower and a few boats are situated in the courtyard of the museum.  The right side hall to the courtyard displays ancient weapons and the left side hall has some musical instruments and videos of traditional dance. The underground part of the fort showcases undersea world of pearl diving and antique pottery of copper and alabaster. Different galleries in the museum have lifelike landscapes. They depict different lifestyles. Learning history is boring for most of us. But history becomes saga when learned through realistic portraits and precious artifacts. Along with your modern Dubai tour you would certainly like to know the traditional Arabic culture.

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