Kingdom of sports

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Dubai city is full of enthusiasm. You will be introduced to latest technology and modern life style at every turn during your sightseeing tour in Dubai. Sports have always been important part of Dubai lifestyle. In ancient times it was camel racing and now during your modern Dubai tour you will notice people engaged in many sports.

Dubai is developing fast in all dimensions as ever. Dubai Sports City is being constructed keeping in mind the love for sports people have in Dubai. Its completion in the year 2010 will give sports lovers around the globe the best way to comprehend their favourite sports. It will occupy 50 million square feet and will include all facilities for the sports like; soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, cricket, football, ice and field hockey and many more. Many sport events will be arranged. Sports academies here will train you in your favourite sport. This sport’s paradise will encourage every sport all over the world. Besides sports it also aims towards extensive residential and industrial development. Dubai Sports City believes in offering its visitors and residents all comforts that they had always dreamt of. It aims to build a city in a city. Having a very high standard it promises to provide exceptionally qualitative facilities. This promise has attracted many international brands. It anticipates 70,000 visitors on daily basis. This is going to be a mega attraction in Dubai.

During your Dubai tour try to catch the sight of this upcoming stylized and highly advanced architecture.


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