Sheikh Saeed’s estate

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On your Dubai tour you will get opportunities to know Dubai culture in a better way. Your wish to understand Dubai tradition and heritage will be fulfilled on Dubai sightseeing tour. This tour will take you to Sheikh Saeed’s house. This is the official residence of Sheikhs Saeed Al Maktoum who was the ruler of Dubai.

This dignified building was established in the year 1896. The restoration of this building took place in the year 1986. Today it is resorted fully and stands as gloriously as before. Now it consists of exhibitions of photographs, paintings, lithographs and art objects that vividly portray the early development of the emirate. This house is designed according to Islamic art. There is a separate wing in the building which displays different photographs and paintings. They describe the social, cultural, educational and religious life in Dubai during 1950’s. You will come across the pictures that depict vagabond life in the desert. The collection of rare coins, postal stationary, stamps etc dating back to 1971 are also displayed. In the marine wing photographs, sculptures, scale models and ephemera speak about how fishing industry began in Dubai. A modern Dubai tour will introduce you to the advance culture here. But Sheikh Saeed’s house is an attraction in Dubai for those of you who are interested in knowing the history of Arabic lifestyle.

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