The ultimate shopping destination


Dubai touris the ultimate destination for shopaholics. Shopping in Dubai gives a “dream come true” experience to the shoppers all over the world. You name a thing and you will find it in Dubai, easily and at affordable prices. Along with various tours like, Safari tour in Dubai, sightseeing tours in Dubai and ski Dubai tour don’t forget to go for Dubai shopping tour.

The Dubai mall is the king amongst malls. It is the largest mall in the world. The facts speak about the grandeur of this mall. It has the record of selling 60,000 tickets for its aquarium and discovery centre within five days after its opening. It has hosted 3 million visitors in the month of April 09. Every week this mall is explored by 750,000 visitors. The Dubai mall is not only about shopping but it is much more, it is an overall entertainment. While you are busy shopping your kids will enjoy in Dubai aquarium and Dubai underwater zoo. If you are adventurous then the Dubai ice rink will catch your attention. Along with ice rink you can explore SEGA republic which is an indoor theme park. Cinemas, the largest candy store and many more attractions in the Dubai mall are yet to come in the near future. This unbelievable architecture is the largest mall in the world.

Dubai Tour Company offers you best tours in Dubai. Select Dubai daily tours keeping in mind your budget and comfort.

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