Learn with fun

Image credit: my-great-adventures.blogspot.com

Image credit: my-great-adventures.blogspot.com

On your Dubai tour you have so many activities to do. Dubai holidays are perfect for family. It gives excitement and delight to people belonging to any age group. Children will not feel bored during holidays in Dubai. There are many things to entertain kids. Children’s City is a major attraction in Dubai for children.

Children’s City is an interactive science and cultural centre specially designed for children belonging to age group of 2-15. This is the first educational city in UAE. The aim of Children’s City is to impart knowledge with pleasure; a better way to know the world we belong to. Children are full of curiosity, they want to know every little thing they observe or experience. Children’s City is the perfect place for your inquisitive child. Here your children will play, learn and explore. Learning in school will be boring thing for your little ones. Hence Children’s City has come up with this unique concept of giving knowledge to kids in an interesting way. High-tech Interactive displays in this center give information on nature, science, space, human body and different cultures. More than 50 exhibits are created to educate children on different topics. There is a special area for children under the age of 5. Dubai daily tours will provide you with the facility to visit this educational center.  The best tour in Dubai is when you and your children enjoy equally.

When you are on Dubai sightseeing tour don’t forget to visit Children’s City. The enjoyment your kids will have along with gaining knowledge will never be forgotten.

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