Be a part of an exciting camel race

All types of sports are gaining significance and craze day by day. Dubai is famous for its love for sports. Dubai tours will take you to be a part of exuberant sports life it boasts of.

Camel racing is a traditional sport of UAE. Originally these races took place only at weddings or during festivals. But today special tracks are made to arrange these races.  The former president of UAE, Sheikh Zayed, endorses camel racing. He provides financial support for the citizens who are caretakers of camels. The Camel-Racing Federation plans the rules, regulations and camel-racing events not only in the Emirates but around the world. Normally races are organized on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during winter season which is from October to April. Al Wathba is a racing track where an annual camel race festival takes place. Many people around the globe attend this event. You must have enjoyed a camel ride in Dubai desert safari but this race will show you a wilder side of the ship of the desert safari in Dubai. After a tedious Dubai meeting tour, a camel race is sure to revive you.

You will rarely see animals competing with each other for a victory just as we humans do. Camel accessories like blankets, rugs and beads etc. will also grab your attention. The fact that camel jockeys are only 6-7 years old will leave you bewildered. We at Dubai Tour Company have best tours in Dubai they are planned as per your needs, interests and convenience.


2 thoughts on “Be a part of an exciting camel race

  1. Good Morning,

    I will be in Dubai on 12 and 13 March 2010 with my parents and am quite interested in watching any camel racing?

    Can you help or confirm if there any races that weekend?

    Many Thanks and Kind Regards

    Elizabeth Allsebrook

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