A place where horse racing lovers will enjoy


Image credit: horseracing.about.com

You must have witnessed camel racing in desert safari Dubai. Horse racing is equally important. Try attending horse race during your Dubai tour.

Horse racing in Dubai is arranged at Nad Al Sheba Racecourse. It has two flat racing courses. The most famous race is the Dubai Gold Cup where the winner is awarded with 6 million US dollar. Besides the Dubai Golden Cup, races are arranged on every Thursday. It features a series of races with different distances. Entry to this racecourse is free and you can go to millennium terrace where you can buy food of your choice. For the alcoholic drinks you will have to go on the level 5 of the millennium grandstand, it is known as the Gainsborough lounge. There is a restaurant named millennium views along with the D’hôte menu in the Dubai restaurant on the level 3. Many glamorous events take place during festivals. Nad Al Sheba Racecourse is a great attraction for horse race lovers around the globe. When you are on sightseeing tours in Dubai don’t forget to visit this beautiful place which is an attraction in Dubai.

Along with this Dubai horse riding, Dubai helicopter tour and many more activities are there which will catch your attention. There are many traveling packages available you must select the one keeping in mind your requirements. If budget is what you are thinking then discount tours in Dubai are also available. Budget hotels in Dubai will also help you in maintaining your budget and enjoying at the same time.


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