Traveling in a Dubai metro is a unique experience


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Make your Dubai tour more interesting by being a part of Dubai city life. Dubai has many things to explore. When you are on this modern Dubai tour, you will certainly like to visit and experience all the attractions in Dubai. So travel in a Dubai metro to visit the famous places in Dubai.

Go in a metro for your Dubai daily tour because Dubai metro itself is worth experiencing. The Dubai metro is fully automatic and does not require a driver. It is one of the most advanced metros in the world. Yet ticket prices are second lowest in the world. This fact will attract many passengers. It starts from Jebel Ali Free Zone and the last stop is Rashidiya Station. In between the metro halts at almost all the well known places of Dubai. When you will ride in this metro you will almost feel that you are on a sightseeing tour in Dubai. There will be total 44 trains and railway track is 70 kilometers long. It is assumed that Dubai metros will carry 1.2 million people on an average day. It is a convenient option even for the people who have to travel daily to work.

During your Dubai holidays make it a point to travel in this metro. It might not be as adventurous as Dubai desert safari but you will enjoy the ride that is for sure. When you experience Dubai city life along with the deserts that will give you best tour in Dubai.

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