Gliding is the sky in a seaplane


Dubai tour has so many exciting things to do. Missing any one of them will certainly make you feel regret. Many of you might be thinking that Dubai desert safari and Dubai shopping tour are the only enjoyable things in Dubai. But this is not true you will come across adventures and excitements on every turn during your holidays in Dubai.

Seaplane flight is another thrilling experience. You can say that it is a different type of sightseeing tour in Dubai because you get to see the famous architectures of Dubai while you are on this flight. This Caravan seaplane is equipped with comfortable seats, large windows and an air conditioned cabin. The pilot is very well trained and all the safety measures are taken. This seaplane tour offers you most splendid ride available in the world. Flying high in the sky gives a supernatural feeling. The view of the city while gliding in sky is amazing. Cool breeze and cool waters beneath, turn the whole environment placid. Everything around you is serene and natural. This thirty minutes ride will make your Dubai holidays significant. You will pass through an easy security checking at the dock. A great emphasis is given on your travel insurance.

Along with airplane you can go for Dubai helicopter tour. It will also give you a fascinating experience. Dubai travel services will give you opportunities to enjoy each and every activity in Dubai. We offer various tour packages you can opt for any of them keeping in my mind you requirements.

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