Get close to the wild life in Dubai


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On your Dubai tour with your kids, you would certainly wish to engage your kids in activities which they would enjoy thoroughly. Dubai is the place where people belonging to any age group entertain themselves exhaustively. There are many attractions in Dubai for your little ones and one of them is Dubai zoo.

Dubai zoo was originally built in 1967 on a two hectare plot in Jumeirah. It is the oldest zoo in Arabia. In the late 1960s it indicated the end of the town; this made it a landmark of Dubai. For first couple of years only a few animals like big cats, monkeys and hoofed-animals were witnessed in this zoo. Along with that was a small aquarium having some reptiles and fishes.  Later on a part of the zoo was rebuilt, a constant redesigning is going on. This zoo is the first zoo in Arabia to raise the rare chimpanzee and an Arabian or Gordon’s wildcat. You will notice almost 230 species of animals. When you are on a sightseeing tour in Dubai, visit this zoo with your kids. This will allow your children to see Foxes, Hyenas, Pumas, Lions, Jaguars, Chimpanzees, Baboons, Monkeys, Deer, Bears, Porcupines, Giraffes and Barbary sheep. The birds in the zoo are; ostrich, golden eagle and parrots. Your children must have seen these species in their books but observing them in reality will amaze them.

Dubai sightseeing tours by Dubai Tour Company arrange for a trip to the zoo. Dubai daily tours will comfortably take you to be a part of this wild life.


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