Glimmering Night Life Of Dubai

Dubai is the place which welcomes people belonging to all age groups. Irrespective of age and interests every one enjoys Dubai tour. Along with shopping and sightseeing tours in Dubai, night life here is equally exciting. Most of the youngsters would enjoy clubbing here.  Let us have a look at some of the best clubs in Dubai.

1.    Boudoir: this is one of the famous nightclubs in Dubai. It is highly profuse and offers lavish styles with crystal chandeliers and regal red coloured sofas. Sometimes it is too overcrowded which is the result of it being so popular.

2.    Copacabana: this club is for one of the most stylish youth. You should be over 25 to enter this nightclub.  It has a unique look of sandy floor and bamboo railings. It is also known for offering delicious snacks.

3.    Vu’s Bar: this is an extremely expensive club and caters to upper class crowd. It has 200 different types of cocktails to choose from. It is situated on the 51st floor of Emirates Towers.

4.    Zink: it has turned out to be one of the most famous nightclubs in Dubai. On many nights women enter for free. It has spectacular look of gleaming décor. Something new is expected every week here.

5.    Kasbar: this again attracts people of upper class. This club caters to all nationalities where Spanish, English, Arabic and many other tunes are played. Since it is the part of Royal Mirage Hotel the crowd here does not look for dance but they relax themselves in the soothing ambience.

Thus to make best tour in Dubai be a part of the night life here. There are many other options for entertainment besides the night life.


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