The Exclusive ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ Package

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A shoppers dream can always come true with One World Travels because our Dubai tour company has come up with a tour package that specifically suits the needs of those who want to visit Dubai for the sole purpose of shopping. Thus it has been designed to allow tourists to make the most of their valuable time on the quickest Dubai tour available.

Dubai Shopping Festival Package details:

This Dubai shopping tour involves a three night’s accommodation with breakfast on a daily basis.  For your shopping requirements it provides you with a half day tour of Dubai city. During this time you can browse through the souks and retail outlets under the roof of the Dubai Shopping Festival. You will also have ample amount of time to visit and make purchases to your hearts content. A dhow cruise will also be included in this DSF package. This cruise is one of the most sought after activities in the city. From a dhow cruise, you will be able to view some of the highly important landmarks in Dubai as well as gain a splendid view of the city. A buffet dinner will also be a part of the dhow cruise trip.

Desert safari excursions in Dubai are also part of this DSF package. Tourist’s part of this package will be entitled to experience the sands of Dubai in each and every desert activity. This enjoyment is followed by a barbeque dinner with belly dancing entertainment.


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