The World Meets at the Global Village

The Global Village is a venue at which the cultures of many countries meet in harmony every year. This event welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world. Most people believe that this place is ideal for families to have a great time. Kids are most benefited at this village as here they are playfully able to gain a heavy amount of knowledge about the lifestyles, handicrafts, traditions, games, dances, etc. of the different regions of the world. Thus a trip to this event anytime during the months of November, December, January or February can be very enjoyable on your Dubai sightseeing tour.

Global Village Highlights:

-The Flying Man (David the Bullet Smith Jr.) will perform the act of the human cannonball. He holds the world record for the longest human cannon ball flight at 180 feet.

-One of the interesting cultural stage performances are the dances from the Pacific Islands. The rhythm and the gentle flowing nature of the dance moves from the islands are truly captivating.

-Artists from over the world are encouraged to display their exquisite work at the Global Village Pavillion. Here you can buy merchandise from countries all over the world.

Global Village is an attempt at bringing all the cultures of the world on one stage. The shows and events here can easily take your breath away. Visit Global Village and learn more about different cultures through our Dubai tour company One World Travels.


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