An Aquatic Tourist Activity in Dubai

Fishing, trading and pearling were the most important activities in the history of Dubai. Out of these, fishing is the one tourist activity in Dubai that has survived in all its glory. In fact Dubai’s waters have been deemed as the ‘fisher’s paradise’.

The climate in Dubai is comfortable and perfect for fishing, while the environment under water is highly conducive for the fish to breed. Thus you will find innumerable exotic fishes to catch just 30 miles away from the shore. Dolphins will always be found jumping up and splashing back into the water even on a Dubai dhow cruise. But on a fishing tour in Dubai you find other attractive fish specially those like the Spanish mackerel, the long tail tuna, the bonito as well as the kingfish and queen fish!

Many Dubai, UAE tour companies suggest the months from October till May as being the best time to set out on a Dubai excursion, if fishing is the main reason why you would like to visit Dubai. Tour operators also provide all the fishing equipment necessary for you to take on your fishing tour. One World Travels will also gladly provide an expert on board if you think you need one.

Fishing in Dubai is indeed very interesting because of the catch that can be found here. This has lead to an increase in tourism in Dubai.


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