A Golf Resort with an Accent

Image credit: http://www.hotels.com

The latest most prestigious golfing experience in Dubai, UAE can only be met via the Montgomerie Hotel Resort. This we offer in our 12 nights ‘Crazy Golf’ UAE tour package at One World. But what is so special about Montgomerie? What in the world makes it so special? Well, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that this luxury hotel in Dubai is an all-in-one dream come true for a golf enthusiast looking to spend a playful yet posh vacation in Dubai.

The Montgomerie Hotel Resort was originally designed from Scottish roots by Colin Montgomerie in association with Desmond Muirhead. Thus this is one golf resort with an accent! It has a 265 acre golf course which comprises 123 acres of turf, 14 man-made lakes, 93 acres of garden and 81 acres of challenging hazards. This golf course is meant for players of all levels. So whether you are a learner or a professional you can definitely have a great time here.

The Montgomerie Hotel will never disappoint you with its simple but bold and brilliant interiors. The rooms are spacious with a limited amount of unpretentious style incorporated in everything you will find.

If the Montgomerie golf course and a peek of the hotel is what you are looking for, the Crazy Golf Tour by One World can let you do just that. But if you are looking to stay at this hotel while on your Dubai city tour, you can make a hotel booking with us too.


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