Spellbinding Marine Experiences at Musandam


There are many water bodies, both natural and artificial in and around the United Arab Emirates. But when it comes to spotting aquatic creatures the best places are Dubai and Oman. The Palm islands are well known for its maritime experiences and tourist activities in Dubai. But Musandam in Oman is specifically known for its rich sea-life.

Musandam makes for a very exciting and spellbinding Dubai sightseeing tour. Apart from the strange cliff-tops and isolated stone-houses that are generally a sight, people love spending time on Musandam shores especially to watch the dolphins play. Tourists love to capture the dolphins in their photographs running along abras and dhows. They also like getting personal with them. The feeling of petting and pampering dolphins as well as listening to them while they try to communicate with each other is not only vivaciously exuberant for the tourist, but memorably rewarding as well.

Overall, the raw beauty of Musandam’s waters is adventurous and mystical.

Getting up close with the marine experiences in Musandam’s waters is much easier when you hire a boat though our UAE tour company- One World. An early morning boat ride will be ideal for your marine sightseeing expectations. You can also make diving, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking in Musandam’s warm waters a part of your UAE tour package.


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