Love is Always in the Air

Wedding seasons differ from one country to another. In some countries October –November are the best months to get married, while in others April-June. But most people agree that any month or any day for that matter is the right time to marry. Hence in some countries all the months in a year are ideal for a marriage.

With the advent of marriage comes honeymoon. And finding the best location to spend time with your loved one could be the next important decision you will need to make after your wedding. If either of the 7 Emirates in UAE is your destination of choice, catch hold of a Dubai tour operator quickly… As the best tours in Dubai are few and far between.

Even fewer Dubai tour companies offer specialized services for honeymooners. But their services and recommendations to travelers from around the globe can easily be termed as ‘excellent’. That’s because their tour packages are varied and customizable too. Though they also provide discounts tours and budget hotels in Dubai they make sure to provide honeymooners with the most memorable vacation of their lives.

Dhow cruises, desert safaris, helicopter rides, sand/snow skiing… you name it. One World Travels here in Dubai can never fail to spice up your stay with wonderful experiences. They also accommodate your special requests.

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