Rare Collection In The Malls In Dubai

Every shopaholic knows that Dubai is a shopping paradise. But you can not visit every other mall in Dubai. You have to list down couple of malls that can fit in your criteria. If you are looking for something which is luxurious and rare to find then you must shop at Wafi mall in Dubai.

Wafi is the only destination in the heart of Dubai where you will find superlative collection of art, fashion, entertainment, food and lifestyle. There are more than 350 stores for you to explore which offer world’s most original and impressive brands. Some of the brands are exclusively found at Wafi. Tourists who wish to make best tour in Dubai visit Wafi mall and shop some of the best collection of the world. Not only tourists but even residents often visit this mall as it provides unique collection. This mall has won many awards in different categories which makes it even more popular. There are many malls in Dubai and you can visit them too along with Wafi. There are many Dubai shopping tours which take tourists to some of the well known malls in Dubai. Most of the tourists reserve such tours well in advance.

Dubai Tour Company is one of the established travelling companies and is appreciated for its service. We arrange various trips keeping in mind the requirements of tourists. We also arrange Dubai shopping tour for our guests and residents. We have many other Dubai daily tours which take you close to the life in Dubai.


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