Dubai Museum: Feel the Past

Dubai is an extremely modern city with the most fascinating past. However, there are a very small selection of truly notable museums to give you a glimpse of old and contemporary history.  Hence, to know the history you must visit Dubai museum during your Dubai tour.

Dubai Museum is most famous and considered to be a major attraction in Dubai. It is located inside the Al Fahidi fort, which is approximately 200 years old and has been a museum since 1971. Interesting artifacts and antiques from Asia and Africa are displayed in the museum. You will be surprised looking at various artifacts like musical instruments, deadly weapons, exciting wind tower models, etc. Dubai museum allows the tourists to glimpse and experience traditional Dubai during their modern Dubai tour. Another exciting feature of this museum is the dioramas housing life sized figures with fantastic effects of lighting and sound. These dioramas will give you an insight into the way of life in Dubai before oil. Enchanting Arab houses, schools, souks, mosques, marine life, etc are some of the aspects highlighted here. Visiting Dubai Museum is sure to give you interesting insights into the evolution of the culture and civilization. Traditional life of Dubai is kept alive here.

Dubai Tour Company via One World Travels offers you to witness such beautiful museums in their sightseeing tour in Dubai. Apart from this we also provide all kinds of tourist activities in our Dubai city tours ranging from Dubai dhow cruises to desert safari tours in Dubai.


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