Top 5 Night Clubs in Dubai

Dubai is known as a city that doesn’t sleep. This expression has been coined solely because of the gleaming nightlife of Dubai. Irrespective of age and interests every one enjoys a Dubai city tour. Clubs are the best place to enjoy the night life of Dubai. These are the top 5 nightclubs which tourists can witness during their Dubai Tour:

1)  Copacabana – It is a very popular nightclub in Dubai. Its sandy floors and bamboo railings give a very unique look. Young and trendy crowd are more likely to get attracted towards the club.

2)  Boudoir – It has a fancy dress code and a best place for couples. It is one of the most opulent and luxurious nightclubs in Dubai. It gleams with crystal chandeliers and royal red sofas.

3)  Zinc – It is located in Crown Plaza Dubai. It has incredibly cool glowing décor, RnB and Hip Hop nights, famous DJ’s and outstanding music. Ladies go free many nights.

4)  Kasbar – Located in Jumeirah, it is one of Dubai’s most up market club on beachfront. It caters to all nationalities, with the DJ keeping the music pumping with English, Spanish, Arabic, and many other tunes to keep everyone happy.

5)  Vu’s Bar – It is located on the 51st floor of the Emirates Tower and offers a selection of 200 cocktails to choose from. It is extremely expensive and tends to attract elite class. It can also be considered a romantic place to take a loved one to enjoy the sunset view.

When you plan for a Dubai Tour do visit these clubs. There are many traveling companies but Dubai Tour Company has always provided best services with affordable price range.

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