‘Yowalah’ – The Traditional Dance of UAE

The UAE is a country rich in culture and traditions. The Emirates enjoys a strong tradition of music and dance which plays a vital role in many aspects of its people’s lives. This ancient tradition of music and dance are still widely practiced and tourists can experience the same during their UAE tour.

There are many type of traditional dances like belly dancing, fire dance and tanoura which is the major attractions in Dubai for tourists. Yowalah is another most traditional dancing style in the UAE. This dance is called a victory dance because it is usually performed after a victory in a war or after coming home from successful pearl diving. It is a very unique form of dance where males place guns and swords in their hands whereas females keep their hair open and dance. You can witness this unique style of dance along with your sightseeing tours in Dubai. The most enchanting part of this dance is the music. Goatskin bagpipes, flute and drums are the traditional music instrument used in this dance. These instruments release sounds like American Indian tunes. Yowalah is performed at midnight. Nowadays it is also performed on occasions like Ramadan, Eid, etc.

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