Scenic Helicoptor Ride

You may think you have “sight-seen” it all, but you haven’t really witnessed Dubai in all her glory until you’ve seen it from the seat of a helicopter! Dubai helicopter tour offers you a unique way to see the bustling Dubai city. It is a very enchanting sight to view beautiful deserts landscapes and high rise buildings of Dubai from above.

This spectacular helicopter ride will allow you to discover a distinctive blend of modern city and timeless deserts. It will give you the chance to catch sights of the amazing attractions in Dubai like Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach, the Jumeirah Palm and many other landmarks from an eagle’s eye perspective. It is quite amusing to see how the city has grown from its early days of trading center to the world’s biggest financial giant. It is really a lifetime experience to view the towering buildings and the symbolic cityscape of the Dubai city. This entertaining and informative tour will give you an insight into Dubai’s history, architecture, attractions and projects. During your Dubai helicopter tour you are sure to explore and witness some of the unseen and unbeaten aspects of this extraordinary city of the 21st century. So what are you waiting for, see all Dubai’s landmarks from above and wow your friends with photos that only a select few get the chance to take.

A helicopter tour with One World Travels will allow you to cherish some adventure along with the memorable sights you witness on your Dubai daily tours. It is one of the unique ways to view Dubai from sky and make the experience of lifetime.

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