Sharjah & Ajman: Twin Cities off Dubai

Sharjah and Ajman are two small parts of United Arab Emirates that are less known but good to visit during your Dubai tours. Tourists visiting Dubai can take off to Sharjah and Ajman to spend a day or two of peace and pleasure. Sharjah is the third largest emirate of the UAE whereas Ajman the smallest emirate.  It is a beautiful drive from Dubai to Shrajah & Ajman.

Sharjah is declared as the cultural city of the Arab world. Hence, it retains its oriental charm with an impressive line of mosques, minarets, wind towers, pigeon shelters and bazaars across its land. Sharjah is also developing fast as a modern city with high-rise buildings and fiber glass complexes dominating its skyline. It also has numerous plush malls but Blue Souk which is also called as Central Market is the most popular attraction and a must visit during your UAE tours. Talking about Ajman, it is the green Arab town having a beautiful creek with dhows plying on it giving an idyllic scene. Farther away, inside the city, is the popular museum of Ajman. It catches one’s attention with its mixed facade of a mosque and fort. Enter the museum to walk past wells, winding stairs and watch towers. It surely recreates an Arab town of a bygone era.

Driving down to Sharjah and Ajman is worthwhile during your Dubai tours. Spending a few days to experience peace, tranquility and an old world Arab charm is a better option. So, book best UAE tour package with One World Travels and get to see everything there in Sharjah & Ajman.

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