Top Hotels and Resorts in Dubai

With the world class facilities and amazing range of beauty and health treatments, Dubai is known in the world for its resorts and hotels. After the oil resource, resorts and hotels are the second important reason for which Dubai has earned fame and name in the world. There are many hotels in Dubai which are considered as an interesting attraction in Dubai and their total is increasing every year.

If we talk about the luxurious hotels then there are few luxurious hotels in Dubai that have no match in the world like:

Burj Al Arab – It is the only 7 star hotel of the world that has all those facilities that an average visitor may not have heard of. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai.

Royal Mirage – It is located close to the popular Palm Island. Royal Mirage is spread in the 60 acres of land with its own private beach. Some other features of the Royal Mirage are temperature regulated swimming pools, hair salon, private treatment rooms, massage centre and a hammam.

Habtoor Grand Resort – It is another best resort that attracts most of the visitors. This resort is in the prime location on the Jumeirah beach. Aromatherapy, herbal tea and music are some of the other best services offered in this resort.

As there are many luxury hotels in Dubai, you can easily get confused which one to opt. So in that case One World can assist you to book a hotel which suits you the best.


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