Global Village – A Multicultural Entertainment!

The Global Village is a venue at which the cultures of many countries meet in harmony every year. Hence, this year the event will open it doors on 10th November 2010. This is the 15th edition of The Global Village which will run until 28th February 2011 showcasing spectacular multicultural entertainments. This is one of the interesting attractions in Dubai allowing visitors and residents to witness diverse cultures, cuisine and commerce from around the world.

Most people believe that this place is ideal for families to have a great time. Kids are most benefited at this village as here they are playfully able to gain a heavy amount of knowledge about the lifestyles, handicrafts, traditions, games, dances, etc. of the different regions of the world. This year the event will witness the participation of 41 countries in 28 pavilions. An Islamic Pavilion and Emirati Abras will offer rich glimpses of the regions cultural to the visitors. The venue will also host a total of 25 restaurants and 115 kiosks which will provide unique food and beverage options. It will additionally feature spectacular, jaw-dropping shows like Skyhigh Sway Pole and Skycycle High Wire Show, as well as Faceteam Slamdunk Basketball Show, the FMX Stunt Show and the Acapulco High Dive Show. This innovative elements and colorful offerings of the festival will definitely attract number of families from across the region and beyond.

Global Village is an attempt at bringing all the cultures of the world on one stage. The shows and events here can easily take your breath away. Visit Global Village and learn more about different cultures through our Dubai daily tours by One World Travels.

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