A Tour To The World Island

image credit: ursispaltenstein.ch

Dubai World Islands is one of the most incredible projects in Dubai to date. From the air it looks as if a mini world was born, a replica of the real thing on a much smaller scale of course! Islands of the world, all arranged to create the semblance of our real world, including all the continents.

The World Islands are unique because such kind of man made islands can nowhere be found in the world leading to a new rise and expansion in real estate developments. This man-made attraction in Dubai have not only created more prime space for residences, business ventures and tourists areas, they’ve also added incredible value to Dubai’s economy. The World islands structure which looks hard to imagine, yet is believable because of the 4 major transportation hubs that optimize travel time to Dubai. These hubs are so well located and connected by series of waterways/channels that reaching the Jumeriah beach is a matter of minutes. Only four kilometers off the shores of Jumeirah Beach, visitors and residents of The World in Dubai can enjoy captivating evening views of the Burj Al Arab and glimmering city lights. The World Islands can become your permanent home or a family vacation getaway depending on your idea of luxury. You can enjoy indulge in luxury facilities like boutiques, cafés, restaurants and shopping.
All around year sunshine, blue waters and gentle winds flowing through your hair is an ideal thought of a home away from home.

A trip to The World Island is included in your Dubai city tour package by One World Travels. Dubai excursion organizers at One World Travels make sure you experience the best by giving you excellent entertainment.

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