Majestic Monuments in Dubai

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Enlighten your life by witnessing some of the best attractions in Dubai. Dubai is famous for its mega structures and amazing skyscrapers, not to mention the historic sites and monuments that draw tourist attractions all these years. Here are some of the monuments which are worth watching during your Dubai tours:

Dubai Museum

It was built in 1799 and believed to be the oldest building in Dubai. This marvelous museum will allow you to experience Dubai’s heritage and rich culture. At the entrance, you can find the majestic collection of old maps of the Gulf and the Emirates, showcasing the urban expansion of Dubai from 1960 to 1980. Dubai Museum offers an exceptional trip to desert life, traditional Arabian homes, mosques, fishing, pearl diving and trade.

Grand Mosque

Located near the Ruler’s Court on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek, the Grand Mosque was constructed in 1900 and was rebuilt in 1998 with the traditional Islamic architectural design. Now at 70 meters, it is the city’s tallest minaret. It has 45 small domes, not to mention the nine large ones displaying stained glass panels. This ancient traditional Persian designs such as the domes, astounding sky-blue mosaic; sand-hued facades, handmade stained glass and wooden shutters are very impressive. You will be amazed of its remarkable interior designs. The mosque continues to be a significant center of Dubai’s religious and cultural life.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Saeed Al Maktoum House is a historical building and former residential quarters of Dubai’s former ruler, Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum. The building is located along the Dubai Creek in Al Shindagha. At present, it is now a museum that houses artifacts and images of the old Dubai. A magnificent restoration project has marvelously showcased the history and development of Dubai.

One World Travels offers you to witness such beautiful marvels in their sightseeing tour in Dubai.


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