Add a Little Spice to your Dubai Tour!

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Dubai is a glittering city with skyline architecture, sandy beaches, outstanding theme parks, etc. After its exciting sightseeing tour, Dubai is best known for its shopping. There are regular shopping tours available which allows tourists to visit traditional Dubai souks as well as lavish malls.

Spice souk, which is a traditional market, is considered to be a spicy attraction in Dubai. The Spice Souk is located in eastern Dubai, in Deira and is adjacent to the Dubai Gold Souk. The spice souk comprises several narrow lanes which are lined with open and closed-roof stores selling spices and a broad variety of other goods. Many tourists during their Dubai tours thoroughly enjoy visiting the spice souk, as it’s a true pleasure walking around this particular Deira souk. Your senses will be doing overtime as you walk past and smell the many different types of spices that are being sold in the spice souk. The intensive aroma of the different spices which includes valuable yellow saffron, cinnamon, frankincense, shisha and aniseed entices many visitors into purchasing some spices at this souk. Other items that are offered by the shops in the spice souk include various herbs and special perfumed oil which local healers and pharmacists have been using to make their own special and traditional medicine for centuries.

Spice souk is a major attraction on your Dubai tour. Other than this there are various other attractions in Dubai which you can witness. Select a place that appeals to you most and make a booking with an established Dubai Tour Company like One World Travels.

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