A Dubai tour that appeals to golfing enthusiasts

Golfers from all over the Emirate often converge upon the lush greens at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa. The stunning visage of the championships standard course welcomes everyone from the golfing novices to avid enthusiasts. It does indeed; hold a special place in the heart and minds of everyone, irrespective of their club wielding skills. Since throwing open its gates to the world, the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa has watched many a golfing great, from Greg Norman and Tiger Woods among others, coming and putting away to glory.

The brainchild of Swiss genius and golf course architecture legend, Peter Harradine, this particular course manages to be both, exquisite as well as distinctive at the same time. Working his magic over the landscaping, he has managed to create a fine interplay between exotic floras together with many species that are native to the desert. Such is the superlative nature of his design that over five of the total nine holes on the course are showcased against a beautiful saltwater lake. With the vastness of the Arabian Gulf following the contours of this course, it is quite a familiar sight to find peacocks and other fauna, sauntering across the course on occasion. Challenging contestant skills and abilities, is the four tees that come into play to spice things up. Offering variety and a test of the players mettle, athletes are often tempted with the opportunity to play an eighteen hole round of golf.

Those who wish to hone their skills before coming out onto the main golfing greens can do so at the exclusive driving range, with its own practice facilities featuring golfing and chipping greens. The facilities are complete in every aspect. Among the many highlights including the fully flood-lit nature of the entire facility would be the swing centre. It is the mainstay of the training facilities and features air-conditioned premises that are equipped with state-of-the-art videography equipment that’s designed to assist you in the analysis of your game.

Additionally, the very best of certified PGA Professionals are at your service, to help you in analyzing your game from the earlier video-recordings and helping you get better at your craft. The guidance offered here is individually tailored to the respective game of each golfer and corrective lessons too can be opted for, upon prior arrangement. The club also offers enthusiasts the opportunity to try out equipment and has a wide range of golfing aids from balls and clubs to apparel and gear, to help one in achieving the highest levels of their game.

It is the presence of such exemplary facilities that earns the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, its must visit badge among the various Dubai tourist attractions. In-fact, the hordes of tourists who wish to tour Dubai seem to agree, as the number of operators offering such golfing tours seems to increase with each passing year. So, what are you waiting for?

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