Luxury Holidays to Dubai take on some Italian Flair

Part art, part engineering feat, the Burj Khalifa (formerly known as the Burj Dubai) is an iconic treat that’s beyond compare. This man-made marvel that rockets up over 828 meters into the clear blue sky is a beacon of hope and a matter of pride for every Emirati out there. It could have been this very same sentiment that resonated in the mind of one of the most eminent designers the world has seen. Giorgio Armani’s signature style incorporates pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort into one seamless infusion that transcends all earlier iterations, and offers fans an experience that’s luxurious in every aspect. Housed inside the tallest residential structure in the world, the Armani Hotel is a class apart.

Even among the many luxury hotels in Dubai, the Armani Hotel is a class apart. Every element of the hotel, including the famed Eramosa stone flooring and the zebrawood paneling to the exquisite furnishings and other hotel amenities, bears the personal design touch of Signor Armani himself. The breathtaking architectural elements blend seamlessly with the sophisticated colors, minimalistic lines to create an atmosphere that is an epitome of minimalistic chic. The elegance is further heightened by the intelligent incorporation of the sunlight as it is reflected through different times of the day.

The culinary avenues in the Burj Khalifa are an extension of its global appeal. One can find the very best of world cuisines on offer here, Japanese, Mediterranean and some of the finest authentic Italian cuisine at the Armani Hotel. One can begin their experience of this Italian extravaganza from its own dedicated entrance and soak in all that hyper-rarefied air that permeates the concourse level through till level eight. The experience then continues at levels thirty-eight and thirty-nite, where the Armani Hotel offers a spectacular vision of the city.

It is the unparalleled excellence that exudes luxury from its very core that makes the hotel popular. No surprise then, to know that it features on the top of the lists of those looking for luxury holidays to Dubai. So, the next time you hear of someone who’s visiting the Emirate for some authentic Italian flair, you know where to point them at…


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