Things to do on a Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Desert safari tours are guaranteed to show you the sand, the sun and sometimes even the moon and the stars. What began as a local pastime has now become one of the biggest tourist attractions there are, holding its own against the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s many amusement parks, hotels and shopping malls. Tourists on a Dubai vacation love to do as the locals once did.

They get in touch with the many tour operators that offer them a chance to experience the desert like they’ve never done before. The desert has something on offer for everyone. Breathtaking vistas and swathes of wilderness that make for great photo albums appeal to those looking for natural beauty and the quieter side of life.

Adrenalin junkies on the other hand have their plates full with the plethora of high-octane options available. Join expert pilots as they skilfully take their 4*4’s and throw them at crazy angles on the desert dunes. If that’s a little too cramped for your liking, then there’s always the dune buggy. With an engine on wheels and a sturdy roll-cage to protect the occupants, while enveloping them in some basic body cladding, the buggy’s are a great way to amp up the excitement all the way to the redline. Or take the solo route and hit the dunes on a quad-bike that got space, just for you.

If mellow is the way you wish to flow, then a camel safari is the way to go. Explore the many sights and sounds of the desert, perched atop a camel as it meanders along the trails. Then later, you can return to the camp site and sample some of the scrumptious goodies as you gather round the camp fire. Draw up a sheesha, soak in the aromas wafting along from the barbecue and simply sit back & relax. Of-course, the barbecue and the sheesha are usually available only on an evening desert safari. Besides these, tour operators also offer the morning safari, evening safari and a day time safari.

At times however, these one yearns for a more exclusive experience. That is usually the moment when one leverages the power of a group. About ten to fifteen people is what tends to do the trick. Most desert safari operators are more than willing to cater to groups like these, tailoring the Dubai desert experience to suit the preferences of such specialized groups.

In the end, all that matters is what remains – the memory of a beautiful time that’s imprinted forever on the mind.


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